The Best Team Chat Apps For Your Drywall Construction Company

Are you looking for a new way to enhance communication in your construction company? Well, team chat apps can help. They are relatively faster than email and easier than phone calls. IM is an efficient way to ask quick questions, send a quick memo to people and bounce off ideas. You and your team can utilize these platforms in real time, share files, perform audio calls, manage the projects at hand and much more.

Although some of the well known IM apps have died, i.e., Yahoo Messenger, AIM and MSN messenger, it doesn’t mean there are no viable options. In fact, the market is overcrowded, and the hard part is sorting them out to find the best one for your lake oswego drywall company. Not to fret though, as we have done some digging to find the best team chat apps. That said, here are top, affordable and easy to use team chat apps for business users.


This is perhaps the most popular chat tool for small business. It is a comprehensive and robust chat tool that can be perfect for you and your staff. In addition to a one on one group chat, it comes with team audio calls as well as video conferencing. Users can arrange several projects, teams and other things using hashtags and even share files through the efficient drag and drop option. Users can also use Dropbox, Google Drive and other file-sharing platforms with the app. All chats and files are ideally synced and archived for future purposes.

In addition to these features, the app also offers a wide array of third-party integrations, Google Docs and slides just being a few examples.


This is another chat and inbox platform that allows people to collaborate and keep communications accessible in an easy manner at a single place. Like Slack, it provides private chat feature with individual staff members, group chats as well as threaded discussions. The team inbox feature, on the other hand, stores and organizes messages and emails related to construction project management, client support, etc.

It is easily accessible at any time from any place over the internet using any known platform like Android, Windows, iOS, and MacOS. Push notifications are ideally available across all platforms, so no team member misses an important message or call. Other handy features include the use of ‘@’ mentions to get the attention of a certain user and hashtag integration as well.


This is a user-friendly app that ideally offers collaboration tools. It comes with one on one IM, group chat rooms, screen sharing, file sharing as well as video conferencing. HipChat also integrates with third-party applications like Dropbox, Google apps, Facebook and Salesforce. This makes it a streamlined part of your construction company’s communications.

Firms can use the chat app straight from the website or install it on their servers for a certain price. Regardless, HipChat is accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity.


The team behind Ryver set their vision from Slack since it was first released. Ryver is designed for Slack users, providing all the functionality, but for zero cost. Yes, it is entirely free- no tiers, premium versions or tricks.

Apart from being free, the app provides threaded topical discussions that help teams sort through the numerous messages on other services and conduct more productive conversations. It’s an excellent team chat app that’s particularly ideal for small construction companies.

The 3 Most Secure Messaging Applications Available

If we are using the different chat or messaging platforms, we can’t help but sometimes think if our messages are secured or if no one can see it. We can’t help but think because there are times that we send different messages that are confidential or private. If you value security, check the most secure messaging apps that you can use.


Signal Private Messenger

The application is open for iOS and Android phone users so most of us can use it. The best thing about this app is that all messages from the first one are all encrypted. It can ease your minds that no matter how private your messages are, all are secured. Another good thing about Signal is that the person you are trying to send the message doesn’t have to be a Signal user before the messages get encrypted.

Chat Secure


It is a free application that is also compatible with iOS and Android phones. It has open-source auditable encryption libraries to ensure that business transaction made through the chat app is secured. It is also one of the apps that will not require your phone number just to get you on board which is usually the case.


It is another free application that offers secure messaging. The best feature of this app is the option for Real Delete whereas you can remove the message on your end as well as the receiving end without any problem. You can use it on your phone or a desktop so it is pretty handy even if you are work that you can’t use your phone.

The different chat applications are released to make things easier for the people. It’s just essential that we make use of the apps that can protect our privacy as well.