Why Law Firms Need to Encrypt Their Text Messages

All lawyers have secrets, so they need to be very careful with their written communication. They can’t afford to send text messages that may compromise the result of their trials if intercepted by the wrong persons. Even talking can be an issue, as you can never know who listens to you in the shadows. Being an attorney of law isn’t easy, as you have to change your habits and perhaps your life, to secure the privacy level you need in your work.

By definition, a law firm needs to handle information that should remain classified until the case it relates to goes to court. It would be a disaster if the other party grabs information that can be vital to their lawsuit. Lawyers, court reporters and auxiliary staff should be extremely careful when sending messages to third parties. Moreover, since hacking is common in today’s criminal landscape, law firms should also pay attention to their internal communications.

As you can never be sure who’s reading your messages, you have to avoid sending emails that contain sensitive details about your current work. This rule also applies to text messages, as they can also be intercepted by hackers. If you have a very important client, someone who is a public person, you can be sure there are going to attempt to intercept your data. Either the enemies of your client wish to find out details about your strategy in preparing the case, or journalists seek for some spicy details to reveal in their newspapers, the danger is there. You can never be too secure in such situations, so it’s probably better to avoid written communication as much as possible. Even if a journalist wouldn’t do any direct harm, he or she may publish information that should have remained confidential for the time being, causing your lawyers a lot of trouble. A simple piece of information may change the course of a trial, so the danger is huge.

Text messages that get intercepted by cybercriminals may lead to even bigger disasters. Witnesses are very important, so they have to be protected no matter what, as they have to be present the day of the trial. As you can imagine, there may be people who want these witnesses dead, so they would do everything in their power to kidnap or kill them. If the witness disappears before the trial, the case may be compromised. A basic text message revealing the location of a very important witness could be equivalent to a death sentence, should it fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, lawyers and policemen are also human, so they are subject to error. The slightest mistake can easily kill a human being, so it comes without saying that they can never be cautious enough when it comes to sending out text messages or emails to other members of their team.

All these lead to the point that encrypting text messages is a must for any law firm that cares about its clients. By using encryption, all lawyers can do their work as they have to, without the fear that they might involuntarily reveal essential information about their current cases. Since everything is going to be encrypted, reading these messages is going to be virtually impossible. Third parties would need to know exactly the encryption keys to be able to understand these messages. Besides, there are encryption methods that make it impossible for anyone to crack their code. This can give attorneys of law the peace of mind that their secrets are going to stay like this for as long as needed, without preventing them from doing their work the proper way.

The other reason why law firms should encrypt their text messages is the possibility that someone from the interior is a spy. This person can cause the firm a lot of harm if access to text messages is free. Even if the others are careful, chances are that the spy is going to find a way to access their text communication and use it to counteract their plans and actions. Such situations can easily lead to bankruptcy, as no law firm is going to survive for too long without winning some cases in court. Text encryption can eliminate this problem. Even if a dishonest employee tried to grab these texts, he or she may not be able to use them, as they would be impossible to decipher.

There are lots of examples of cases that were lost because of leaked data. The history is full of spies and hackers trying to break into the servers of law firms. When these attempts are successful, terrible things may happen, especially if the firm has very important persons as clients. The general public is always willing to get some spicy news, and some journalists would do everything they can to grab such details, even if they had to hire cybercriminals to help them. If you handle them all your messages just like that, you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re going to see your classified information making the news.

A law firm can’t afford to compromise the image of their clients. This is why they have to take all cautionary measures to keep all communication far from the eyes of the public. Encrypting text messages is one of the most effective ways of preventing them from getting hacked and used against the company or its clients. Of course, a law firm has to be extremely careful with bringing new staff on board. The recruiting process should follow specific rules, to prevent intruders from getting a job. The reputation of a law firm is perhaps their strongest asset, so they can’t afford to have it ruined because of a text message fallen into the wrong hands. The more cautionary measures they take, the more secure their workflow is going to be. All these are features potential clients look for when hiring an attorney of law.